24 Capital Management is a highly trustworthy asset management company which is authorized and monitored by the MFSA (The Malta Financial Services Authority) and the company is subject to regulatory compliance procedures under Maltese and EU Law.

Given Malta’s membership in the EU, licensed companies in Malta can passport their services to all other EU member states. Malta’s financial services industry has been a great success story in the country’s growth.

In order to provide stable and long-term performance for our clients, we are well-disciplined, energetic and transparent in all our managing decisions.

Our company is not associated with any other financial institution or bank.

Our board of directors consists of highly qualified and experienced multi-cultural professionals.

Our aim is a long-term collaboration with our investors and business partners, built on mutual trust, transparency and service perfection.

Our focus is to obtain the best returns for our investors while actively managing the risk.


24 focuses on understanding both individual and institutional clients’ needs and takes the responsibility of investing on their behalf with the principle of providing consistent asset value. Each and every 24 client is unique and equally valuable.


24 aims to maximize its clients’ benefits and be a strong ally for their financial well-being. With a thorough understanding of current global economies and financial market trends, we are ambitious to assist our clients in meeting their financial goals.


24 excels in carefully detecting, evaluating and examining the needs of its clients and guides them by offering the best solutions. With our highly qualified and experienced team, let us be your guide in finding the best investment route.